WPF Technical Questions

WPF Interview Questions

Do you think are you WPF Developer?

WPF Core Questions

Q. What kinds of applications WPF Supports?

WPF support three kind of application:
– Windows Application
– Navigation Application
– XAML Browser application (XBAP)

Q. Describe WPF Core elements (WPF architecture)? PresentationFramework, PresentationCore and Milcore?

PresentationFramework: Implements the end-user presentational features, including no of controls button, menu, label, layouts etc., time-dependent, story-board based animations, and data binding.

PresentationCore: Manaed wrapper for MIL and implement the core services. This DLL doesn’t hold any UI component but it contains the base types which can be used in implementing the UI component

MIL (Media Intigration Layer) OR milcore: Milcore is a unmanaged DLL which handle the 2D/3D graphics, Animation etc. It is very closely work with DirectX.

Q. What is System.Threading.DispatcherObject?
Q. What is System.Windows.DependencyObject?
Q. What is System.Windows.UIElement?
Q. What is System.Windows.FrameworkElement?
Q. Explain DependencyProperty vs. CLR property.
Q. What is an attached property?
Q. What is ContentPresenter?
Q. What is the Difference between TextBlock and Label?
Q. Explain Style vs. Template?
Q. What is RoutedEvent?
Q. What is the use of EventManager class?
Q. Types of routed events?
Q. What is the Direct Events?
Q. What is the Bubbling Events?
Q. What is the Tunneling Events?
Q. What is the RoutedCommands?
Q. How to create Custom Commands?
Q. What is the use of ContentControl class?
Q. Text vs Content property?
Q. What is the Attached Property?
Q. What is the Dependency Property?
Q. Explain the types of Layout?
Q. What is a DataTemplate?
Q. What is a ControlTemplate?
Q. Binding Class?
Q. Explain Binding vs. TemplateBinding in WPF.
Q. DataContext property?
Q. DynamicResource property?
Q. StaticResource Property?
Q. RelativeResource Property?
Q. Binding Modes ?
Q. UpdateSourceTrigger property?
Q. IsSynchronizedWithCurrentItem property?
Q. What is the use of Data Templates?
Q. What is the use of Item Templates?
Q. How to implement the IValueConverter?
Q. Visual Tree vs Logical?
Q. What is the Resource Dictionary?

WPF Patterns and Framework

1. M-V-VM pattern?

2. MVP pattern?

3. Prism Framework?


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