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Best way to Parse Query String value in Asp.Net

Best way to parse query string value in Asp.Net //Use it string cityCode = Request.QueryString.GetValue<string>(“City”); //Extension method public static T GetValue<T>(this NameValueCollection collection, string key)         {             if (collection == null)             {                 throw new ArgumentNullException(“collection”);             }

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Export MS Chart to PDF using Itextsharp in Asp.Net

Export MS Chart to PDF in Asp.Net Using itextsharp, export ms chart into pdf file I am rendering a chart using chart control in asp.Net 4.0. Now we want to export that chart image into pdf file. Interesting point is,

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Bar Chart random color in asp.Net

Display bars in random colors: IDictionary<string, int> list= new Dictionary<string, int>(); list.Add(“Val 1”, 90); list.Add(“Val  2”, 89); list.Add(“Val 3”, 50); list.Add(“Val 5”, 87); chrtBar2.Series[“Categories”].XValueMember = “key”; chrtBar2.Series[“Categories”].YValueMembers = “value”; chrtBar2.ChartAreas[“MainChartArea”].AxisX.MajorGrid.Enabled = false; chrtBar2.ChartAreas[“MainChartArea”].AxisX.MajorTickMark.Enabled = true; chrtBar2.ChartAreas[“MainChartArea”].AxisX.MinorGrid.Enabled = false; chrtBar2.ChartAreas[“MainChartArea”].AxisX.MinorTickMark.Enabled =

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WCF Troubleshooting

MessageSecurityException on the second request if my client is idle for a while after the first request It may be two cause: (i) – The session has timed out (ii) – the Web server that is hosting the service is

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Flapjax Framework

Flapjax Flapjax is a new programming language. It is specially designed under the consideration of demand of modem, client based web applications. It has following key features- Event Driven, reactive evaluation An event-stream abstraction for communicating with web services Interfaces

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Send Email from your GMAIL account using ASP.Net

I have come across the many forum and found there so many developers asked how to send email but the don’t have SMTP server. So just try to guide here, they can test their email functionality with the help of

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