Linq technical questions

Recently I am digging into Linq to get deep knowledge so I am posting some question may help you for your carrier. If still not clear about any question then post as comment then I will answer.

To get answers of these questions, better to read more articles instead of read the single article then will learn more and different real time scenario. If still you didn’t found any good answer the let me know.

What is Linq?

– Linq allows you to write structured type-safe queries over local collections and remote data sources.

– Linq offer the benefit of both compile time type checking and dynamic query composition

– Used name spaces System.Linq and System.Linq.Expression

What is Deferred Execution?

Sub Query does effect the parent query in terms of Deferred Execution?

Can we write multiple Where condition in Comprehension expression? 

What is the Difference between Let and Into keywords? Give the real time example to explain both keyword.

Explain about the DataContext?

Give an innerJoin example on Single Key and Multiple Key.

Give the example of Grouping and Which interface implementing Grouping in Linq? 

Explain the differences and in which scenarios you will use: IList vs IEnumerable vs IQueryable

Implement Paging using Linq

More Coming soon….


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