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Best way to Parse Query String value in Asp.Net

Best way to parse query string value in Asp.Net //Use it string cityCode = Request.QueryString.GetValue<string>(“City”); //Extension method public static T GetValue<T>(this NameValueCollection collection, string key)         {             if (collection == null)             {                 throw new ArgumentNullException(“collection”);             }

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Export MS Chart to PDF using Itextsharp in Asp.Net

Export MS Chart to PDF in Asp.Net Using itextsharp, export ms chart into pdf file I am rendering a chart using chart control in asp.Net 4.0. Now we want to export that chart image into pdf file. Interesting point is,

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Bar Chart random color in asp.Net

Display bars in random colors: IDictionary<string, int> list= new Dictionary<string, int>(); list.Add(“Val 1”, 90); list.Add(“Val  2”, 89); list.Add(“Val 3”, 50); list.Add(“Val 5”, 87); chrtBar2.Series[“Categories”].XValueMember = “key”; chrtBar2.Series[“Categories”].YValueMembers = “value”; chrtBar2.ChartAreas[“MainChartArea”].AxisX.MajorGrid.Enabled = false; chrtBar2.ChartAreas[“MainChartArea”].AxisX.MajorTickMark.Enabled = true; chrtBar2.ChartAreas[“MainChartArea”].AxisX.MinorGrid.Enabled = false; chrtBar2.ChartAreas[“MainChartArea”].AxisX.MinorTickMark.Enabled =

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WCF Endpoint Bindings

What is the WCF Endpoint Bindings WCf Binding specify how the service can be accessed. Binding can specify not only the protocol used to access the service but an encoding method used to format the message contents. Binding can also specify

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What is WCF

WCF Knowledge Series- Part-1   What is WCF? WCF is way to approach SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) Used to build distributed application Used to build interoperable application WCF is unified programming model all (Web Servce, Remoting, Enterprise Serices) It provides

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Abstract Class Interview Questions

–         The abstract modifier can be used with classes, methods, properties, indexers, and events –         An abstract class cannot be instantiated –         It is an error to use the static or virtual modifiers in an abstract method declaration. –         An

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Class Constructors Interview questions

This is my first post about the C# Interview questions. I will try to cover here core concept of C# language (.Net2.0) and try to touch each and every areas which is asking in interviews. What is the Constructors? –

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