Active navigation menu for current url

Set the active/current menu link based or Url in Jquery:

suppose we have menu like:

<div class="nav">

 <li class="active"><a href="~/url1/">URL 1</a>
 <li><a href="~/url2/">URL 2</a>
 <li><a href="~/url3/">URL 3</a>

and user when clicked on URL 2 then item look as active :


    var url = window.location.pathname, 
    urlRegExp = new RegExp(url.replace(/\/$/,'') + "$"); 

     $('#nav a').each(function(){


Edited version

$(document).ready(function() {
var str = location.href.toLowerCase();
$(".ddsmoothmenu li a").each(function() {
if (str.indexOf(this.href.toLowerCase()) > -1) {

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